International Women’s Day – Women’s History Month

It has been a while since I posted. 2020 was well 2020- a lot of changes and a lot of transitions and many issues came to light for all of us personally and globally.

Diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) is a topic that is that came front and center is on everyone’s radar these days.  Wherever we turn there is a new disparity or strategy that is coming to light.

One thing that 2020 has given light to is the contribution and importance of women to our families, households and employers. Many women have had to find childcare during these challenging times because they are essential workers.  While some were no longer able to keep their caregivers as workplaces and respite care facilities shut down. Other women had to leave their careers to tend to the needs of their children and families as everyone ended up being at home. Some places however are able to empower and attend to the needs of women during the various changes that may be taking place in their lives.

Women have various roles in our society and are amazing! This brings me to my post today. I was talking with a good friend the other day about shopping for bras.  I was raving to her about how Nordstrom’s really understands selling such a personal item to diverse women. A bra fitting can sometimes be like buying a bathing suit for women. At Nordstrom’s however, I think it can be life changing event.  Women come in various shapes and sizes and one size does not fit all for sure. Nordstrom’s is one of the few retailers that sells and fits women in  mastectomy bras and other specialty bras including nursing bras. This item is a very personal yet a vital part of everyday life for women everywhere. As I was talking to my friend we were talking about how inclusion and equity and diversity have to be a part of a company’s culture. There are some stores which are considered “specialty stores” but choose not to sell such items. This is because these items do not fit the image they have of women.  Nordstroms not only sells these items they also make the choice to train their staff to assist women to purchase the best product for their needs. By making the choice to sell these items they not only serve an underserved and often marginalized part of society,  they are also saying that they understand  people come in all shapes and sizes and stories.

Nordstroms along with Target have shown they understand this by using people of diverse backgrounds and including people with disabilities in their advertisements and catalogs. Such a company not only sets the bar high.  They also become leaders of change as society continues to become more inclusive and diverse. They also show how companies can be good citizens by understanding that people come from all backgrounds and have diverse needs.

Happy Women’s History Month- I hope you appreciate and celebrate the women in your life by honoring them in a  way that serves them best.

Priti Mehta

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