COVID 19 Humanitarian Crisis in India – Philanthropy is global

Springtime is a time of rebirth and new beginnings all over the world. Families across the United States and the world are celebrating the many joys of springtime with family and friends.

There are many important holidays that take place during this time of the year
Including Easter, Passover, Ramadan, and for Hindus like myself, Chaitra Navratri (spring Navratri) , Ram Navami (Lord Rama’s Birthday) and Ugadi (Telugu New Year) and Pehla Baishak (Bengali New Year).

Each of these holidays give families and friends the opportunity to get together either in person or in today’s time via Zoom. Families and friends may celebrate their many blessings and plant seeds for blessings to come.

Philanthropy is a gift we are able to give to others any time of the year.  Celebrations and holidays give us a chance to remember our blessing and also give back to those who are in need of a helping hand.

Each of the holidays which I have mentioned above also encourage giving back during this time of celebration and moving forward.

During the week of Easter , Christians all over the world are celebrating rebirth and new blessings. During the Holy week the Catholic Church gives back to those who are underserved and most marginalized people. In 2021 the Catholic Church purchased the COVID vaccine for underserved communities and provided the vaccine to those most vulnerable during the Holy Week.

During the week of Passover or Pesach – The Jewish community honors the holiday with family and friends coming together and having seder together. Another key aspect of the holiday is Mitzvah.  During this time of year some may choose to give back by purchasing kosher food items for those who are unable to purchase them for themselves or may invite those who are alone to partake in the meal with them.

During the month of Ramadan – Muslims around the world are fasting from sunrise to sundown. Ramadan has many traditions,  fasting is a key aspect of the holiday, however another aspect of the holiday  is Zakat (charity).  This charity must be given before the end of the holy month. This donation may be given to those who are hungry, underserved or may be facing hardship. This year- during the month of Ramadan many nations observing the holiday have sent resources to assist with the COVID crisis taking place in India during this time.

Now we come to Hinduism – Spring time is a time for many Hindu festivals including Holi, Pahela Baishak, Ram Navami and Chaitra Navratri
Giving “Daana” or a donation is a part of these holidays. When I lived in India on the days of festivals those who were underserved would be at the temple and devotees would give a donation of clothes, money, food to those less fortunate.
This year Chaitra Navratri and Ram Navami are taking place when India itself is in humanitarian crisis. We are seeing on the news how so many are in need of oxygen and medical care.   Hospitals are overcrowded and medical resources are limited.  During this time- the residents of India needs the world’s support, love and care.

If there is one thing that we all have in common it is that we have a duty to help those in times of need.

At the time of this post India’s medical system is crashing due to the COVID 19 raging across the country. As many of you know I have spent much time in India.  Having lived there I first hand can say that the medical system is not that of any western country- The hardships that the country as a whole is facing are true and extremely tragic. It is my hope that you give generously if you are able to.

Below are a few organizations that I recommend donating to support efforts in India

Khalsa AID
SEWA International
BAPS Charities
(please note that in 2019 I was a distinguished guest at the BAPS Robbinsville Women’s Conference) I am not in any other way affiliated with the charity.



This post is not meant to be an authority on any religion in the world- It simply reflects the author’s view that we all are connected and being philanthropic is something that all people across the world have in common.


Priti Mehta

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